Let us build your next

This is our approach.

At BBR we believe in Branded Experiential campaigns and we made it our trade mark. All our concept have an experience-centered approach to marketing that is high-touch, event-based, easily shareable on social media and engagement-focused

We present concepts to adventurous brand managers.

We build concepts for brands who want to stand out and we make sure they will resonate in the media.

Making the Buzz, that’s the fun part. We deliver highly creative and PR’able concepts that will resonate with the media & the customers. We always focus on imagery & interactivity. 

Building an Experience

Customer Journey & Look and Feel

The right fit. Brands also have issues : it can be awareness or struggling to get a certain message across to the consumer. Our job is to work with brands, analyse the data and try to identify the roadblocks so we can come up with out of the box Experiential solutions tailored to the needs of the brand. 

Engage &


Connecting you to customers

We believe imagery is everything and real content creates impacts. Working with influencers to create and share branded content & creating opportunities for consumers to share, like and become ambassadors of your brand is at the heart of what we do. The power of a true story.